Mia + Sophia is a Dallas based company, founded by designer Carla Crawford, mother of 2. Carla set out with a big mission; to create a modern diaper bag that was beautiful, functional, ethically made, while using eco-friendly materials. After years of following a rigorous design and development process the Mia Collection was created and thus Mia + Sophia was born. Named after the next generation of women in her family, Mia + Sophia has now had the pleasure of serving thousands of women in over 20 countries and continues to grow worldwide. Today, we strive to deliver the highest quality products in the industry. We use newly innovative materials that are durable, built to last and backed by an unrivaled 1-year warranty. 

About Us
100% handmade soap bar


Our mission is simple. We want to WOW, each and every customer we have the opportunity to serve. We take our reputation seriously and mean when we say, “Making our customers happy is the most important thing to us”.

Our main goal is to turn you into a raving fan! How do we plan to do that? First off, we have created modern designs that are innovative and beautiful, which we know you are going to love! We spent countless hours re-thinking and re-engineering the traditional diaper bag to not just be aesthetically pleasing but functional, durable, and universal in design.

We designed our bags to be diaper bags but let’s face it; you can use our bags for travel, work, or simply your everyday carryall! In addition to that, we take our customers feedback seriously and continue to make new versions of our products to ensure we are always evolving as your needs evolve.


Our calling is to help as many families as possible and that is why we have partnered up with Hope Supply Co. to help support homeless children and Mommies in Need to help families access healthcare. If you would like to learn more about ways you can get involved contact us now.

A message from our Founder:

“I believe it's our responsibility to leave the world better than when we found it, letting love be the driving force behind everything we do.”

In 2017, I decided to make a change. I had been working in my corporate job for over 15 years and wondered if “this was it.” I was in a job that by most people's standards was a dream job, but I felt as though something was missing. The thrill I used to get was no longer there. My desire to spring out of bed in the mornings had vanished. I was longing for more. I wanted something I could create; something I could build for my family; something that would allow me to serve others and create a community of hard-working families, just like mine. From this place Mia + Sophia was born

If there is something in your life that you have been dreaming of, desiring, wishing for; go for it! The timing will never be perfect. Running this business has brought so much joy to our family and because of that we put in an exorbitant amount of love and passion into everything that we create. Our sincere goal is that you feel that love when you receive our products. Look out for more to come! We plan to excite you with everything that we do

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